News from July 2000
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19. July 2000 Great Superman Site!

If you want to have a look at a great Superman site, then go and check out the Superman Super Site.

The website is presented in a great design and offers good content for all of you!


13. July 2000 X-Men movie launched

Finally I've been able to check out the X-Men Movie. So, dudes, you surely want to know what I think about it. Let me say it in this way: if you are a comics-fan, you MUST see the movie. For all others, well, I suppose it is an entertaining movie, but not more.

The movie is a little bit too fixed on Wolverine and Rogue (I love Wolvie, but anyway...); and it is for sure not easy to introduce that much of characters into one movie while keeping playtime under 2 hours!

X-Man is a good, entertaining movie, but don't expect too much. Sadly I do not have reactions from people who saw the movie and are NOT involved in the comics-scene. I am wondering, what those guys have to say about the movie.

Go and watch the movie, and judge for yourself (any comments are ofcourse welcome to me!).


July 2000 Juniorpress Site of the Week Award

Thanks guys at juniopress!