News from November 2004 - December 2005
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13th December 2005 Superman Returns Trailer Online!

Good news this month, people! The long awaited Superman-Movie comes June 30, 2006! Watch the Trailer at the official Website.

Check it out:


8th December 2005 X-Man 3 arrives 26th May 2006

X3 arrives May next year! Watch the Trailer and enjoy the official Movie site:

Check it out:


21st January 2005 Fantastic Four Movie comes Juy 4th, 2005

Now the official Homepage ist online. Also available is the first trailer to the movie...

Check it out:



24th December 2004 Fantastic Four Movie comes 2005

Is this the new Blockbuster we were waiting for? Now the Fantastic Four Team hits the big screen in 2005. First trailers are expected to be released early 2005, so watch out for more!



15th November 2004 Elektra - Marvel's answer to DC's Catwoman?

Now comes Marvel with a female Superhero movie. Is
this the answer to DC's Catwoman? And, what is even
more important, will this Movie be better than DC's

After Catwoman now comes Elektra to the big screen.
Also this Movie comes with a big star (Jennifer Garner, remember Catwoman starring Halle Berry) - will that be enough? Or is the plot convincing us?

Let's hope Marvel comes with a cool Blockbuster!


13th August 2004 Movies from DC and MARVEL

What comes next?

Well, I have to write a few lines about the policy of DC and MARVEL. What is happening? MARVEL brings you some blockbusters like SPIDER-MAN 1&2 and X-MEN 1&2, and what brings DC? CATWOMAN! Are you kidding or what? DC has some great Heroes in their Universe, why are they not brought to the big screen?

Well, maybe DC has some great projects coming up (SUPERMAN? or maybe a JLA movie???), but for now, MARVEL is way stronger in the Movie-Business!

I hope MARVEL keeps going on (hey, what about THOR or IRON MAN?!) and DC starts doing some serious Moive-Work (Batman begins is already a good start - what about Green Lantern, Flash or the whole JLA??!)


August 2004 Announcing new Batman Movie

Summer 2005 - Batman Begins!

Check out the new Website with the first trailer and photos for more informations about the upcoming Batman Movie!


July, 6th 2004 Spider-Man 2 Pre-Premiere in Zürich

Wow! What an event. I have been to the Pre-Premiere of Spider-Man 2 in Zürich, Switzerland and was able to see the Movie. That one rocks!

Big congratulations to Buena Vista International who organised a great event and a superb Party with lots of people.

Alfred Molina (Doc Ock), James Edward Franco (Harry Osborn) and Daniel Gillies (John Jameson) where at the party. Big fun, people!

Also spotted was Daniel Bernhard (Matrix 2 - Agent who jumps on car and fights Morpheus on the Truck).

Besides those Hollywood-people, also a lot of local VIP's were spotted at the party.

Thanks again, Buena Vista Int, and see you at the Premiere of Spider-Man 3 in 2007!