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Flash:VelocitÓ Terminale Mach uno - i morti vivono ancora / Flash:VelocitÓ Terminale Mach due - tutte le mosse sbagliate / Flash:VelocitÓ Terminale Mach tre - l'altro lato della luce / Flash:VelocitÓ Terminale Mach quattro - colpisci e fuggi / Lanterna Verde:Seconda possibilitÓ / Lanterna Verde:L'ultima della specia

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Serie: Flash
Number: 010,011
Date: 1995
Publishing House: DC Comics
Publisher: Play Press
Hardcover: No
Variant Cover: No
Cover Status:
My price in US$: 5,95
Actual condition: 1 (sehr gut)
Reprint: Yes
US Original: Flash 95:Terminal Velocity Mach one - the dead yet live / Flash 96:Terminal Velocity Mach two - All the wrong moves / Flash 97:Terminal Velocity Mach three - the other side of light / Flash 98:Terminal Velocity Mach four - Hit and run / Green Lantern 0 (1994):Second chances / Green Lantern 56 (1994):Last of the Breed
US Number: 95,96,97,98,0,56
US Date: 1994,1995
Writer: Mark Waid, Ron Marz
Painter: Salvador Larroca, Darryl Banks
Inker: Jose Marzan Jr., Romeo Tanghal
Colors: Gina Going, Tom McCraw, Steve Mattson
Box: 03
Language: italian
Notes: Terminal Velocity

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